Our Four Ordering Options

In order to reach our international customer base and to be able to offer our customers contemporary and comfortable purchase options, Ulla Popken offers the following options:

1. Our branches

After the focus of the initial expansion of the chain throughout Germany, the last few years have seen expansion into neighbouring countries. Ulla Popken can be found not only in Germany but also in Austria, France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. A successful entry was also made into the North American market. In order to build on our European market-leadership, expansion into further countries is planned.



2. An international mail-order operation

Ulla Popken delivers world-wide! Ever increasing numbers of customers at home and abroad use the numerous advantages and the comfort of mail-order. In addition to an order service that operates around the clock, 7 days a week, we offer our customers an optional 24 hour delivery service and an in-shop order and returns service. Clearly, each order is free of a minimum order value and every size is offered at the same price. Shopping could not be any easier!




3. A global franchise

Since 1998 Ulla Popken has licensed franchises for its business ideas, including names, brands, know-how and marketing. Apart from in the Benelux countries, Switzerland, France and Austria, the Ulla Popken business is run by independent companies throughout the world. Partnership operations are already in place in Greece, Hungary, Kuwait, Qatar and Poland. In these countries the Ulla Popken's brand has been successfully established through close, working relationships. Are you interested in becoming an Ulla Popken foreign country partner? Send us an enquiry to:




4. The World Wide Web

Ulla Popken is there for you around the clock. On our internet site you can browse through our offers at your leisure and order with just one simple mouse click; experience a fascinating world of fashion At you can will find our complete assortment, including special offers, information on delivery details, vacant positions as well as information about gift vouchers. A shopping treat without limits, from the comfort of your home!