Ulla Popken is the number 1 plus size brand in Europe. Like any committed brand, we want to be simple and clear for our customers to understand. This is why we have chosen a term that summarizes the theme of plus sizes in a few words: Plus Size Fashion. .
The term "normal sizes" implies that any other size is abnormal. This notion is not only outdated but also factually incorrect. Almost 50% of women in Germany wear a size 42 or larger. *According to Statista: Distribution of clothing sizes for women in Germany in 2012
You may call it small, but it's often the finer details that make you think deeper and take action.
At Ulla Popken, we have chosen to reflect on our impact as a brand. As of April, we will question the term "Plus Size Fashion" and introduce new terminology. A phrase that neutralizes any differentiation and supports our brand values.
True Size Campaign Banner


Let's bring the True Size idea to life together. It's that easy to be part of it: show your profile photos on your social media channels with your fingers crossed, as in the examples. It's the key visual of the campaign.