High-quality materials, bright colours and classic cuts: Selection by Ulla Popken stands for straightforward and timeless styles with particularly high quality standards. Because great fashion doesn't just have to look fantastic, it also has to feel fantastic - and give its wearers pleasure for a long time. From viscose to silk to cashmere: our premium collection has quality business fits and festive looks that combine chic, comfort and durability.
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The Slinky Secret
Elegance has a second name: Slinky. This heavy, softly flowing blend of viscose and elastane is one of our favourite fabrics for luxurious styles. No wonder: Slinky pieces hardly crease, they're stretchy, flatter your curves and are extremely comfortable to wear. So you'll always be perfectly dressed for long business days and festive occasions.
The finest cotton
When it comes to high-quality materials, we can't get enough of Pima Cotton. Also known as the "silk of South America", this fibre is actually a cotton yarn - and softer than most fabrics. This fine but hard-wearing Pima cotton guarantees maximum comfort, hugs the body perfectly and ensures a perfect fit - the best qualities for a luxurious look.