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Lookbook: Verena Prechtl’s designs for the influencer collection for plus size women's fashion

Clothes that really fit. Pieces that are perfectly tailored to a feminine, curvy body. Styles that feel good and are fun. You'll find all this in Verena Prechtl’s lookbook for plus size fashion. Because she knows what curvy women care about when it comes to fashion. After all, she already has a lot of experience in this field. She loves shopping and styling, has her own fashion blog, a popular Instagram channel and has been working with Ulla Popken for five years. Verena was involved with the first Studio Untold collection and designed young fashion in plus sizes for women. The influencer collection is the second one to be designed by the woman who has chosen Munich as her home in cooperation with the plus size label. And she's mighty proud of that. Check out her plus size designs here and shop for the items you want straight away.

Varied, flattering & trendy fashion in plus sizes

Verena Prechtl shows in her lookbook that she has found a balanced mix. The plus size influencer collection for women by Ulla Popken not only contains beautiful basics for autumn and winter but also more unusual pieces that are really eye-catching. Strong trends are for example...

• The soft cuddly teddy fur coat that can currently be seen on catwalks all over the world.

• The cheeky skipper cap and the feminine wide-brimmed felt hat.

• Dresses combined with striking belts that accentuate the waist.

• Velour leggings that have found the perfect balance between comfortable and sexy.
The 1970s style dress is definitely a highlight in the influencer collection for plus size women's fashion for Verena Prechtl. But that's not all, there is something for almost every occasion: for example, she styles a look with cool bootcut jeans, a colour blocking knitted jumper and a waisted belt. A warm turtleneck jumper and an oversize shirt go with almost any outfit. Verena Prechtl’s lookbook for plus size fashion is full of colours and patterns – why should curvy women have to avoid these. The kimono blouse and shirt dress with ethno prints express precisely the energy that inspired Verena to create such a wonderful collection. Chic is back with the business trousers and wrap blouse. Sexy on the other hand with the plus size leopard print skirt or red slip dress. There are of course also the perfect pieces to go underneath: breathtaking plus size underwear gives you pure self-confidence and is very comfortable at the same time. Check out Charlotte Kuhrt’s lookbook – here you can see how well the lingerie fits two completely different curvy women.

„Each piece in this collection is really made to show off feminine curves.“

Lookbook: Charlotte Kuhrt’s pieces from the plus size influencer collection by Ulla Popken

You know that feeling? You try on a piece of clothing and it fits perfectly right away. You notice after just a few seconds: this is going to be one of your favourite items in your wardrobe. That was Charlotte Kuhrt’s goal when she designed a new influencer collection together with Verena Prechtl and Ulla Popken. As that's just what she experienced with the “I’m fine as I am” campaign by Ulla Popken when she first worked with the plus size fashion company: item of clothing selected, tried on, fits! An experience that women rarely have, regardless of their dress size. In Charlotte Kuhrt’s lookbook for plus size fashion you can check out her pieces and shop straight away.

A widely varied collection

The curvy model has thought of everything with her contribution to the influencer collection for plus size women's fashion? Practical basics and eye-catchers for Autumn/Winter 2019 feature in Charlotte Kuhrt’s lookbook. From cuddly cardigans to modern jumpsuits, stylish bodies, warm quilted jackets and sexy leggings in plus sizes, it has everything. Accessories such as scarves, shoes and hats are also a must. She accentuates her feminine curves with belts. And Charlotte has also designed seductive underwear together with Verena Prechtl. Check out the lace body, bralette, negligee, hipster, kimono and other treats. Everything ideally tailored to curvy women’s bodies of course: Lots of support for the chest, shaped to fit, no pinching or digging in.

We asked her what her highlight is in the influencer collection for plus size women's fashion. Charlotte didn’t have to think for every long: the corduroy suit. But she also designed all her dresses with absolute passion, as she finds it difficult to find modern styles in her size herself.
Trendy designs

Check out Charlotte Kuhrt's lookbook. What was important to her when she designed the pieces?

„I wanted to create a collection that was simple, modern and yet special. It was important to me that all the pieces could be perfectly combined with each other and that I could include the layering and monochrome outfit trends“

Charlotte Kuhrt's lookbook for plus size fashion impressively shows that these two trends harmonise wonderfully: the white body actually goes under any dress. You can wear the slip dress with or without a waist belt. You can put a colour-coordinated plus size cardigan over the top on cooler days. Matching shoes, scarves and quilted jackets in earth tones are also available. The same applies to her items of clothing in blue. And the best thing is: the plus size pieces also complement each other well – the blue body and the brown velour skirt, for example.