Trendstyles to go

With our Ulla Key Looks, you'll always look fresh (and ahead of the trends). We create complete outfits from the latest crazes - our key elements - so you'll be dressed to perfection. The best thing is you no longer have to worry about styling your look for the day. We'll have already done this for you! Whether it's trendy street styles, festive attire or luxurious lingerie, our key looks have you covered.

It's a match

Whether it's a checked, striped or basic top - we are only truly happy when the whole look is complete. Our key to freshening up your look: upgrade your top with statement jeans and a preppy sweater vest.

Colour is the key

In keeping with the start of the year, we have given our All-time Favorites a fresh makeover. We now not only wear blazers and trousers in matching shades, but break the look with a bold green hue.

Shine bright

The days are getting brighter – and so are our styles. We're choosing to combine tops and pants from the same colour family - and create variation through abstract all-over prints and material mixes.